SUN GIVES LIGHT AND MOON SHOWS NIGHT
                                                      WHEN YOU AND I HAVE THE SAME SIGHT,
                                                                           THEN THEIRS NO REASONS TO FIGHT

Okay, so after months of hardwork,preparing for CAT, the D-day came.Suffering through the day exam finally got over and it was time to blow the steam off.Relaxing was my only priority.So went out with friends for dinner and movies, slept when i felt like and alarm was not my mom anymore.Now one fine morning(well if one might call getting up at 12 pm as morning) when i got up my parents werent there,turns out they had gone to see someone in the hospital and when i called them i received a bad news, actually a dreadfull one.They had gone to the hospital so but obvious someone was ill and that someone was my cousin, he was suffering from malaria. Surprisingly that was not the bad news, it was that that my parents asked me to cook lunch for myself as they will be late. Yes cooking,my fierce enemy, never has and i believe never ever will be good to me. 

Well, i tried cooking but all i was doing was painting a joke.Eventually i ended up ordering pizza. I had turned the kitchen into a freaking warzone.I cleaned it and was packing the broken limbs of innocent vegetables and then i heard my doorbell ring. It was the man who collects waste,every day from every house in my building.I wished him goodmorning and was wished in return. I requested him,to which he readily agreed, to first collect waste from my neighbours,to give me some time to pack what remains,  i went inside to curtain my work leaving the door open. Within minuites i was done and right then i heard my neighbour shouting. He was shouting on that poor soul who mistakenly had spilled his garbage can on his floor,he was shouting on the top of his voice and that holy man was listening to it with his head held low, apologizing continuously.

Atfirst, i thought its none of my business, so i kept my garbage can outside and went inside. Ofcourse that man did not spill the can purposely, this realization forced me to open the door and ask my neighboor to stop shouting and ask him, why cant he talk politely. Then i argued with him that it was a genuine mistake, forgive him.It was then that my neighboor subsided his anger and what he said next made me share this post. he said and i quote “This idiots are needed to be taught a lesson orelse they would take us for granted and will repeat this mistake”, i agree that this is a silly and a common thing.I thought the same but this though was forced to wonder its reliability by what happened later that evening.

My neighbour,later that evening, meet an accident. Not exactly an accident, he had by mistake bumped into a parked vehicle, leaving behind the trace of its occurence.What then, a clash took place, a rediculous cake of words were being served to each other by each other toped with abusive cherries. Arguments extended to such extent that police had to be summoned.My neighbour said the vehicle was wrongly parked and the owner of the vehicle said otherwise. Then nothing, both the titans were taken to the police station and were bashed with the most tasteless cake aka police’s way of lecturing. 

My neighbour was forced to pay for the damage of the vehicle and both the titans were fined for the nuisance that they had help develop  on a busy day leading to traffic jam.I was narrated the complete incident by my neighbour the next day. He said the police were so rude to him, they abused(verbally) him, scoulded him, forced him to pay fine. He said that this world has  no respect for anyone who makes an honest mistake, even after apologising they shouted on him.He said that people never care for other people’s feelings, it doesnt matter to them what impact does it have on others. They simply need to make themselves feel that they are superior to others,or maybe satisfy their ego, and that those who are helpless are inferior to them. People prey on others helplesness. He said i wouldnt have gotten into an argument if the vehicle owner hadnt shouted on him. He said the owner kept on shouting despite the fact i said sorry to him couple of times. 

This made me wonder over what had conspired yesterday, between the waste collector and my neighbour. It was then that i realised that what was such a commom everyday thing is infact not fair. So when my neighbour was sharing his feeling, i simply asked him a question.I asked him, if you think what happened to you is wrong then what would you say about you lashing out on the poor soul yestarday? 

He realised his mistake and apologised to the waste collector the very next day.And when i saw the smile that decorated the waste collectors face i asked him  whats the news.He said eagerly,”I FOUND MY LOST RESPECT“.Its so often that what we do we ourselves dont realise its effect on the people around. We live with this mentality that everyone should respect us and that we deserve it, but my question is DO WE DESERVE?





Published by: Prayank

Hi, hope you are doing great with your adventures with time. My name's Prayank. I am a mechanical engineer from the bestest college, Chartered Institute Of Technology, Abu. Presently, am targeting CAT 2017 with the sure belief to get into a premier institute and train under an elite group. Apart from it i am also working on a book named UNCODED ARTIST and hope to be done with it by March 2018. My hobbies are playing guitar, reading, working out in gym, listening to music, skating, biking, have a great inclination towards watching movies, singing but only while bathing, i sketch but i,lol, deep down am well aware that i should quit, and but obvious writing. My short term goal is to get into IIM C and long term goal is to become an entrepreneur in automotive sector.

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