Hush Hush, can’t you see I’m in a hurry!

Once, on a severely trafficked day i found myself jogging my vehicle through it. I was driving a two wheeler and was halted by the traffic signal. There was a kid, in a car beside me, with his father asking him about his day at school. The kid was so full of energy, it actually reminded me of my childhood. Believe me when i say, i was the most mischievous child ever, well thats what my parents and relatives tell me.
So what happened next really inspired me to share it. While i was eagerly waiting for the signal to let me go, there was a sudden rush in my vicinity. A biker, roughly i might add, breaking almost every traffic rule scurried across me, shouting on everyone to get aside. When The traffic police got hold of him and asked him the reason for such an act, his reply really amazed me. He said he had a bet with his friend that he can breakthrough this choked up traffic without getting caught.
The kid in the car beside me was quietly watching it and later when the biker got caught, he in his innocent and childish way said something to his dad that caught my attention. He said its better to be late then never, right papa. And i was like whow, this kid apparently understood what that young biker in his mid twenties was unable to understand.

If they can so can we!

So with the desire to unravel our mistakes i asked the Assistant Commissioner Of Police (ACP) to help me with my SUBJECT. To my astonishment, the ACP readily agreed to guide me through it . I was awarded with his precious time inspite of his busy schedule. While conversing with the ACP OF BARODA SAURABH SINGH, i was able to understand the greatest misconception hindering our mind, that police or the government does not do anything for us. With the transition of our conversation into greater depths, i realised that more than any of us, actually the police and the government is rightly and greatly contributing towards the betterment of our nation.
ACP SAURABH SINGH, quite adroitly i might add, juggled with the topic in hand and his daily schedule, keenly listening to what i had to say and responded with extreme politeness. I, personally was quite impressed with his manners and the fact that he allowed me to sit with him in his office and have this discussion. It clearly states that the government is always eager to help any positive thought or initiation that can help our nation climb towards success and development, faster and efficiently.
Then i asked ACP sir of what he thinks about the disrespect paid to the traffic police and signals. He spontaneously replied, and i quote,

People have plenty of time for WhatsApp and Facebook, but for them waiting under the traffic signal for 30 seconds is a waste of time


With this ACP Sir asked for a favor from all the commuters, he said that when they are either caught by the traffic police or waiting under the traffic signal, please pay respect to the rule protector. Treat them with patience, as this officers have to stand for hours long under scorching heat,are exposed to extreme pollution and when they are disrespected they get frustrated which results in a quarrel.

Right, its no use speeding and breaking rules, afterall rules are for us, to keep us safe and help ease our activities.I have seen so many people break this rule, they don’t care about it, they are just so in a hurry that rules dont matter to them. Be it while crossing the road or halting before the “line”, we run and try to cross the road or stop our vehicle way ahead of the “line”. And when these rule breakers are confronted they reply with arrogance, it doesnt make much of a difference. But the thing they really dont understand is that you are not only breaking the rule but also inspiring others to do it too.
It has to be understood that one’s action affects many others skirting you. You break the rule, implying that you don’t respect what it stands for, which, though not intentionally, provokes others to follow you, and show disrespect. And this way, the implying rule gets TAKEN FOR GRANTED who’s eventual effect is faced indirectly by us. We have to bribe the officer to free ourselves from the charge and hence adding fuel to corruption.
A simple rule which we can easily follow, we dont. Later when we face its consequences we blame the government, as of why is corruption so prevalent in INDIA. C’mon, we are somewhere responsible for it. So instead of blaming the government, why don’t we act on our part and start by correcting small mistakes which would definitely help improve and boost our country’s development. Small mistakes when corrected would integrate a better, safer and smarter country.
So next time when you are driving, please take a good care of all the rules that we can follow and help reduce mischief by sharing this thought as much as possible. By doing this we get one step closer in becoming a proud country with proud people in true sense.


Published by: Prayank

Hi, hope you are doing great with your adventures with time. My name's Prayank. I am a mechanical engineer from the bestest college, Chartered Institute Of Technology, Abu. Presently, am targeting CAT 2017 with the sure belief to get into a premier institute and train under an elite group. Apart from it i am also working on a book named UNCODED ARTIST and hope to be done with it by March 2018. My hobbies are playing guitar, reading, working out in gym, listening to music, skating, biking, have a great inclination towards watching movies, singing but only while bathing, i sketch but i,lol, deep down am well aware that i should quit, and but obvious writing. My short term goal is to get into IIM C and long term goal is to become an entrepreneur in automotive sector.

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