“Satyamev jayte” a belief ? a thought? a brainchild? or simply, a myth? Yes, i wonder, and so might you, what is the significance of it. I,as an Indian citizen feel so proud when i hear it on radio, on television or during our political leader’s speech. But sometimes i personally feel, am i deserving enough to claim any relation with it. Yes, i am, this is what i say when i am in a crowd, simply and subconsciously, trying to fuel the misconception on a wide array. Everyone and i mean every single one is filled with this gloating attitude which actually hinders their own mind from seeing the truth. We are far from having any(any any any) relation with Satyamev Jayte.

We, not the only one, are responsible for all wrong doings happening with and around us. And we,when exposed to this either feel helpless, impaired or suffer from lost in hope and unduly accept it as a fact. We actually start believing that nothing can happen of this country. We,instead of fighting and help OUR country up the ladder of righteousness, condone it totally and move ahead without compunction.

What i wish to imply through this blog is to ignite the thought, a spark, which can help each and every person of INDIA to be responsible, afterall it is our responsibility to shape and mould our country’s future, and not just mould but to set an example that if we all unite then we can create a masterpiece like never before.

But in order to do that, we first need to correct all mistakes that we do on a daily basis. Mistakes that got blended in our life to such a degree that they dont seem like mistakes, but believe me friends, that small mistakes when corrected will expose a complete different side of a coin, a side which would make us feel confident and pleased with ourself. And for how long are we going to blame the government of all the scams and frauds that are happening on a regular basis, its hyper time that we take things in our hands now and correct what can be corrected and improve what can be improved. And then we all can really claim that we not only helped but contributed to the making of “SATYAMEV JAYTE”. A true country symbol!!!

So friends, lets join hand in hand, mind with mind and form a chain which can really change our country for good and help it glow on the face of the earth. What i ask of you all is to share your views and observations on how can we bring change on our level and also comment on my ideas and observations and help me spread our common goal.

Your friendly neighbour!


Published by: Prayank

Hi, hope you are doing great with your adventures with time. My name's Prayank. I am a mechanical engineer from the bestest college, Chartered Institute Of Technology, Abu. Presently, am targeting CAT 2017 with the sure belief to get into a premier institute and train under an elite group. Apart from it i am also working on a book named UNCODED ARTIST and hope to be done with it by March 2018. My hobbies are playing guitar, reading, working out in gym, listening to music, skating, biking, have a great inclination towards watching movies, singing but only while bathing, i sketch but i,lol, deep down am well aware that i should quit, and but obvious writing. My short term goal is to get into IIM C and long term goal is to become an entrepreneur in automotive sector.

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